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Spiritualist Church Associations and Directories

Directory of Spiritualist Organizations in Canada
Please use this directory for the current and accurate information in regards to all Spiritualist organizations in Canada.

Spiritualist National Union
The SNU's main function is to promote the advancement and diffusion of the religious philosophy of Spiritualism, on the basis of the Seven Principles.

The International Spiritualist Alliance
Open directory listing spiritualist churches. Site hosted by the International Spiritualist Alliance.

National Spiritualist Association of Churches United States
(NSAC) This site offers a good directory and information on the oldest and largest organization related the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of Modern Spiritualism.

Survival Research Institute of Canada
The primary purpose of the Survival Research Institute of Canada (SRIC) is to investigate whether some part of human consciousness or personality survives physical death and whether that surviving "spirit" is able to communicate with the living.