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Church Membership Applications

New Church Membership Application

Application considerations to be submitted by the last Friday of each Month and will be reviewed at the following Board of Directors Meeting. Please note the Board does not meet in the months of July and December and does not consider applications the month of the AGM. 

The SCC only publishes flyers that directly pertain to events supporting your church.

Image by Damien DUFOUR Photographie
Image by Lampos Aritonang

Church Renewal Application

A membership in the Corporation is not transferable and automatically terminates if the Member resigns or such membership is otherwise terminated in accordance with the Act. Regardless of the initial date of acceptance of a membership, annual fees as established by the Board are payable by January 1st. Members who have not paid their annual fees by March 1st of said year will be deemed to have resigned their membership. Pursuant to s. 197 (1) of the Act, a special resolution of the members is required to make any amendment to this section of the By-laws.

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