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Seven Principles of Spiritualism

In 1871, Emma Hardinge Britten, medium, pioneer and tireless champion of Spiritualism, received the essence of Principles of Spiritualism from the spirit of Robert Owen, the Welsh social reformer.

Originally there were six principles, the fifth and six combined as one. Later these two were separated giving Seven Principles as a statement of beliefs:

1. The Fatherhood of God

2. The Brotherhood of Man

3. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels

4. The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul

5. Personal Responsibility

6. Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all the Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth

7. Eternal Progress Open to Every Human Soul

In 2010 the membership of the Spiritualist Church of Canada voted to update these principles to reflect present-day language and inclusiveness. We acknowledge them as:

1. Infinite Spirit, Divine Creator of All That Is

2. Unity and Equality of All

3. Communication, Guidance, and Healing from Spirit and Angels

4. Continuous Existence of the Soul and its Personality

5. Personal Responsibility for the Creation of our Reality through Thought, Word and Deed

6. Actions create results according to Natural Law

7. Eternal Progress open to Every Soul

The Seven Principles are the basic beliefs of Spiritualism. In their simplicity and wide scope, they are guidelines for developing a personal philosophy of life. Each person is able to understand their meaning and discern their intrinsic truth according to his or her level of spiritual development.

Essentially, the explanation of the Seven Principles can be summarized as follows:

God is Spirit, the Creator of the Universe. All things proceed from God and, thus we acknowledge Infinite Spirit, Divine Creator of All That Is. 

All human beings created by God form the divine family, the kinship that we know as the Unity and Equality of All.

The interrelation of all life, here on earth and beyond, is evident in the loving link created by the Communication, Guidance, and Healing from Spirit and Angels.

The evidence of the Communion of Spirits assures us of the Continuous Existence of the Soul and its Personality beyond the death of the physical body.

What we think, say and do result in positive or negative outcomes. Consequently, we accept this as our Personal Responsibility for the Creation of our Reality through Thought, Word and Action.

These results are governed by Gods code of Natural Law that applies to all and everything in both the seen and unseen worlds, as stated in our principle Actions Create Results according to Natural Law.

Life is continuously evolving. Our principle Eternal Progress open to Every Soul assures us that our souls are a continuing path on towards greater wisdom, love, and light.

The Seven Principles are spiritual keys. When we meditate on them, consider their meaning and apply them to our everyday life, they open doors that lead to the fulfillment of our purpose here on earth.

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