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A Brief History of the Spiritualist Church of Canada

A meeting was held at Britten Memorial Church, Davenport Rd, Toronto with the view of organizing a Union of Spiritualists Churches in Canada. 

 As a result, The Spiritualist Church of Canada was incorporated under the name The Spiritualist National Union (SNU) under federal law on April 27th, 1929.  Original SNU’s headquarters were at Toronto’s Britten Memorial Church of Canada.  On August 23, 1978, the SNU Canada, finally succeeded, after several attempts over many years, in changing its name to the Spiritualist Church of Canada (SCC) as it is still known today.  By-laws were also put in place.

Main points in starting this organizing of Spiritualism in Canada were:

  1. Linking up of all the churches in Canada under one union

  2.  Aiding churches in better organization and efficiency

  3. Training and certifying mediums and speakers

  4. Organizing tours of prominent workers

  5. To help struggling churches and start new ones where needed

  6. Discouraging churches existing for private gain only

  7. Starting a Spiritualist Newsletter


By the first Annual General Meeting on May 25, 1929, there were over 20 churches affiliated to the Union.  Provincial Councils were set up for each province with representation on the board. On May 7, 1929, a Mediums Union was suggested and set up a few months later. August 16, 1929, marked the beginning of Canadian Day in Lily Dale, NY by the SNU.  The Education Board was set up with four officers.  A mark of 70% on all 3 levels of courses had to be obtained for ordination. Level 1 & 2 were correspondence.  Only Level 3 had in-person courses. Candidates also had to be of good moral character and be able to publicly expound the philosophy of Spiritualism.

 Over the years the Education program has improved with the biggest change in 2015 with in-person courses being implemented for all three levels of the curriculum.  In 2010 a modern version of the Seven Principles  was approved by membership giving a choice other than the original seven.

Overall the Spiritualist Church of Canada still incorporates and supports most of its original goals. It continues to remain strong as it renews and adjusts with changing times, government policies and feedback from its membership.


Written By Rev. Brenda Ropp 3/2020

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