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Welcome to the Spiritualist Church of Canada Education Program. The aim of our program is to impart the Knowledge of Spiritualism to those who are interested and to set standards by which students can be tested. Enrollment in the program is open to all members in good standing of the Spiritualist Church of Canada.


The Spiritualist Church of Canada believes that it is important that those who represent Spiritualism be educated and qualified for the work they do. Mediums should be properly developed, lecturers should know their subject and healers should understand the methodology.


The education program consists of three segments. The first and second segments are correspondence or in-person courses with the exception of S208 Platform Etiquette and Chairing. This course, as well as all the third segment courses, are hands-on-training.


The Foundation Courses include the basic subjects of The Religion of  Spiritualism, The Philosophy of Spiritualism, The Science of  Spiritualism and Spiritualism Past and Present. These courses are a prerequisite for all other courses.


The Comprehensive courses expand the knowledge of Spiritualism and cover the subjects of Mediums and Mediumship. Spiritual Healing, Spiritualism in Canada, Comparative Religion and Platform Etiquette and Chairing.


Pastoral Skills, the third segment of the program, consists of workshops and seminars that provide hands-on-training in skills, essential for carrying out effectively the roles of pastor or minister.


Ordination candidates must complete the courses in the education program, as well as obtaining certificates as a Lecturer, Medium and as a Spiritual Healer in accordance with the  Guidelines of the Spiritualist Church of Canada  


Students will receive the course material upon payment of a fee and completed application. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. The courses are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Students are also advised to read the books on the list of recommended reading for each course.

The following links will assist you with understanding the methodology behind receiving our manuals and suggested reading materials.

Education Booklet (Free Download)

Student Recommended Reading:

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