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Hope you enjoyed your summer.

It is always a privilege to share some of my thoughts with you!

From my current view of the world, I feel that the energy of Unity is stepping forward and showing us how as individuals and collectively we are not in harmony with our surroundings and experiences.

As an individual, how are you feeling these days? Do you feel at peace with yourself? Are you in a place that allows you to be the witness of your life? Or are you in a place that is contributing to the drama within and around you?

The unification of the unseen to the seen. The unearthing of so many injustices that have been brought to the surface in the past 6 months, even though upsetting, we know that spiritual healing is filling all the dark corners of humanity and shining light everywhere that is ready to receive it.

As Spiritualists we understand the value of our Seven Principles and how Natural Law unfolds in the universe. The Religion of Spiritualism, our Philosophy, Science and Religion provides us the teachings to look at the mirror of our mind and seek to bring unity back to balance within our self. Bringing all of our parts back to the whole, the oneness of who we really are. Divine!

May you move forward with love, light and unity in your hearts and enjoy the fall.

Happy autumn!
Blessings, Rev Angie Morra

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