Presidents Message and Newsletters

Our Fall Newsletter already! Where has the time gone? 


As I reflect upon my first term as President of the Spiritualist Church of Canada, what jumps out at me is the energy behind our 7th Principle: “Eternal Progress Open to Every Human Soul” Our 7th principle provides us with the knowing that we can do better next time.


How comforting is it to know, as Spiritualists, we can choose to move out of our own dramas; make a personal choice to do better the next time when the Universe presents externally our internal challenges.


Our thoughts create the world inside us. Our actions show the world what our thoughts are, and our deeds show the courage within us as we do better.

The Law of Desire or Aspiration prompts us to expand our awareness and seek knowledge and truth. Aspiration is essential to our development as human beings and to the progress of our soul.


Along with Personal Responsibility, I find solace in our 7th principle. Another opportunity to revisit our thoughts and being sincere with ourselves to change what does not work. Learning to forgive our self and others goes hand in hand with wanting to do better.

Life is continuously evolving. Our principle Eternal Progress open to Every Soul assures us that our souls are a continuing path on towards greater wisdom, love, and light.

As always, we welcome your ideas. Please use our email address to let us know what you are thinking.

Reverend Angie Morra