Presidents Message and Newsletters

Well I can’t believe that my second term as your President is close to completion.

I would like to thank all the governors of the SCC and to all you members for your continuous commitment in helping us all move forward and ensuring the prosperity of the Religion of Spiritualism.

The Religion of Spiritualism is how a Spiritualist lives their life. It allows us to move beyond our sectarian beliefs of self-imposed ignorance to liberation of who we are allowing truth and wisdom to flourish.

Today, as Spiritualists living in this “new world” we can move through our human experience of matter, by making our presence known to humanity in helping to bring about social reform in the areas that are incongruent with the natural laws of the universe.

Due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic the Spiritualist Church of Canada is hosting its first electronic Annual General Meeting on September 26, 2020. Information of this has already gone out to our membership; join the Spiritualist Church of Canada in making history with this new experience and growth.

As always, we welcome your ideas. Please use our email address to let us know what you are thinking.


Reverend Angie Morra