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Greetings, Friends and Happy Summer Solstice,

As the pandemic restrictions are lifted, we all look forward to the best part of summer: spending more time with our loved ones.
Summertime is always the best of what might be.

We all have our own special memories of past summers that warm our hearts and bring a smile to our faces. For some of us,
those fond summertime memories also include loved ones who are now in spirit.

As you plan your summertime activities with family and friends, allow gratitude to fill your space for all the people and things that you value. Gratitude can be expressed in many ways, and the benefits of being grateful are endless. By taking time to notice and reflect on the people and things in our lives, self-awareness develops within us of who we are, and we are wonderful!

We will be taking a summer hiatus over July and August with our Virtual Divine Services.

The Spiritualist Church of Canada would like to take this opportunity to thank our member Churches for their dedication to the Religion of Spiritualism and our organization. Your support is truly appreciated.

Enjoy your summer and see you in September.

Rev Angie Morra

Spring 2022

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