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Presidents Message and Newsletters

President's Message 

Rev. Angie Morra

Dear Friends,

As we look to nature, we are starting to notice that the leaves on some of our trees are starting to change colour.

Change is inevitable for all of us. Be it physical change, emotional change, or mental change, we as spirit look within ourselves to improve our earthly conditions as we continually experience life.

With the knowing of our connectedness to the universe, we also know that Spirit is always with us, even during the times we think they are not. I would like to share with you a prayer from Silver Birch’s teachings today:

“Oh, Great White Spirit, we know that we are close to you, even when you cannot hear us, even when it seems that we are invisible, unseen, unheard, unfelt.

We are around and about you because we love you, and the love we have for you makes us always seek to serve you and through you who have lost their strength, the ones who have fallen by the wayside, the derelicts of your world, the weary and struggling souls who do not know where to turn, who can find no comfort in the religion of earthly churches, but who have a yearning for truth, those whose souls expression but who are choked by the creed and the dogma and the teaching of opposing sects.

The truth that we teach is the truth of the Great Spirit that knows no bounds and no limitations. It is for all, not for one. It seeks to embrace the whole of humanity within its loving embrace.

May you become conscious of that mighty power that is around and about you, of the great love that is always being poured into your world, the inspiration that seeks to express itself through you, the truth that is waiting to be revealed, the wisdom that seeks to illumine your world, and may you strive through service to make yourselves accessible to the mighty power of spirit, so that you may become at one with the great force, the Great Spirit, that is behind it all, so that, working unison with His Laws, and filled with His knowledge, you may become instruments of His servants for all His children. May the Great Spirit bless you all.”

Blessings to you all as you walk your path.

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