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Presidents Message and Newsletters

Hello Friends, Spring is springing!

I want to take a few minutes and celebrate all our members and thank you for your support.

As we witness our life and rise to the challenges of everyday living, we are continually looking to all the changes that are happening within ourselves, our families, and our community. I know I have shaken my head so many times with events that have unfolded around me, and I wonder why this is happening and what underlying truths will come from this experience. 

In the words of Arthur Findlay:
“Here on earth, we are limited in our ideas, and in all that appertains to sight, hearing and the other senses. We may be likened to the Caddis worm living at the bottom of the pond, which, when the day comes for its liberation, sheds its sheath, and becomes the Caddis fly, with all the expansion of faculties which such a change of condition applies.
It can now sense something of the beauties of the earth, which hitherto had been denied to it. So, with our friends who have passed on. They have a wider vision and a greater knowledge, and they use the opportunities afforded them of conversing with us on earth to tell us something about their world, which has the effect of increasing our understanding, and making us realise more clearly the relationship of each created thing to the universe, of which both worlds are a part.”

So, like the Caddis fly, Spring is a time of rebirth. Mother Earth and all the creatures upon her once again have this wonderful opportunity to be part of this season of new growth.

Thank you for listening.

Reverend Angela Morra

Spring 2022

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