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Dear Friends,


Life is in a state of perpetual motion, and we are along for the ride.

As we witness new challenges coming forward in our world, we must acknowledge how we feel about them and what we can do about it.

Spiritual healing is something all of us can do for ourselves, our community, and the world.

As Harry Edwards states: “Healing Energies exist in everyone and everything. The whole of our universe is a state of energy: the sun, the light and heat it gives off is all energy; also, the stars and the light from them are all forms of energy. Energy is the basic material of all creation, and for the reason that healings take place through spirit agencies, it follows that energy is common to spirit life too. It is said that energy (or ether) is the clay and stone of spirit life as it surely is our ours.”

As we welcome Spring into our lives, a time of rebirth, let us focus on the healing energies of love, compassion, and balance to help heal ourselves, our community, and our world.



Rev Angie Morra

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