Presidents Message and Newsletters

Well, my fellow Spiritualists, after 3 months of self-isolating we are still standing. The human soul is so resilient “N'est-ce pas!"?

It is truly amazing to see the ingenuity of many of the Spiritualist Churches being of service to their membership during these unprecedented times. Being open to alternative ways of conducting your Church Services is marvellous. How the internet is keeping us in touch with each other. The old
saying “when one door closes another door opens” is truly reflective of these current times. How many ways have you needed to change your perspective facing these challenging times?

At the SCC, we have been reaching out by way of Inspirational Messages every day. Thank you, Nadine Miller, for your bottomless resources and keeping our souls nourished daily with positive thoughts on Facebook.

We are working on moving to zoom to hold an education class in the fall. Like many of you, Zoom is becoming our friend. Students, we will keep you posted by way of our website with this remarkable venture.

The SCC held our first successful Ordination by way of Zoom in April. The entire board witnessed the ceremony. We welcome our latest Minister Reverend Roberta (Bobbi) Pineau.

Coming soon is the SCC digital membership card. Yes, we too are constantly looking at ways to evolve our processes in a way that is in keeping more in congruence with the times.

We, your Board of Governors, wish you a safe and prosperous summer. Keep safe and many blessings to you and your family.

As always, we welcome your ideas. Please use our email address to let us know what you are thinking.

Reverend Angie Morra