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Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are helpers, friends, and mentors that accompany us on our earth journey.

These wonderful beings of light find compatibility and kinship with our qualities, abilities, vibrations, and personality. Through this affinity, they choose to be our companions and link to our lives and spiritual purpose.

Whether we are Spiritualists or not, we all have Spirit Guides that remain with us through the thick and thin of life. Sometimes they are known as Angels and there are many accounts of people who have felt the touch of their protective wings when danger threatened.

Most of the philosophy of Spiritualism has come to us from these wise souls through their mediums here on earth. Well known among these exalted Spirit Teachers are Silver Birch, whose medium was Maurice Barbanell, and White Eagle, who taught through his medium, Grace Cooke. Their teachings and wisdom have inspired many of us to awaken our own Spirit and attain to the highest and the best on our journey.

Mediums work in close partnership with their Spirit Guides who take an active role in message work, healing, inspirational speaking or writing, music, art, teaching or trance. It takes many years to establish this close relationship and those aspiring to mediumship require much patience and dedication to stay the course.

Spiritualism teaches us that through meditation and raising our vibrations, we can make contact with our Spirit Guides.

Even when we are unaware of them, Spirit Guides help and guide in subtle ways, often by opening new doors of opportunity, sometimes with gentle messages in our dreams.

Our true essence is Spirit and we are, in fact, Spirit here and now. Our third principle affirms the truth of the Communication, Guidance, and Healing from Spirit and Angels. This communication from Spirit to Spirit is a natural and loving process, whether it is between spirits here on earth or between spirits in this world and the next.

The joy and comfort that these communications bring, especially when they are between loved ones in Spirit and those still on earth, are among the greatest gifts of Spiritualism. Spirit Guides are the loving facilitators of these special encounters. It is reassuring to know that wherever we are, we are always in good company.

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