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The primary objective of mediumship is to deliver evidence which provides proof of the continuous existence of the human soul and its personality beyond the change that we call death, and through this communication, comfort and healing is provided to those who are grieving. 

The Spiritualist Church of Canada invites you to attend a Spiritualist church anywhere in Canada or the world to observe a mediumship demonstration. The purpose of the demonstration of mediumship is to provide proof of survival beyond physical death, and it does not include predicting the future, giving the recipient advice orcounselling the recipient. 

It is the goal of the Spiritualist Church of Canada that each one of our mediums whose desire is to do public platform demonstrations, understands what constitutes proof of the continuous existence of the soul and its personality. The medium needs to demonstrate this on a consistent basis.

The intimate details shared through a medium between loved ones in spirit and the recipient contains some of the most valuable evidence of life after physical death. If you are the recipient, or the medium delivering the message, you could ask yourself the following questions:

-Was the identity of the spirit communicator established?
-How were you able to determine who was communicating?
-Was there informationof recent events shared by spirit?
-Did spirit provide a relevant or applicable message and if one was received, was it from spirit as opposed to psychic?

Evidential messages include a combination of specific spirit identification elements, which identifies one spirit communicator beyond a reasonable doubt: such as name, profession, description, character traits, place of residence, relationship to recipient and reference to other family members, shared memories and conditions of passing. 

Some mediums may get into the habit of rhyming off a list of names, or giving very brief descriptions about the communicator, such as “I have a Granny here who had white hair”. This is possible evidence providing it is expanded on with more detail. By using evidential mediumship, it helps to overcome any skepticism that may arise, thus it is imperative that the identity of the spirit communicator be established beyond a reasonable doubt to the recipient. 

While the medium is working, it is atwo way communication between the medium and the spirit communicator. We are reminded that the communicator is a person and therefore the medium should ask spirit for further information or clarification before moving on to another contact. Ensure the recipient understands by not asking questions or fishing but by saying “Do you understand” or “Does this make sense”

The evidence provided by a medium can also contain descriptions of recent events, such as “you received an award this past month” which demonstrates the spirit’s on-going interest in the recipient’s life. These elements should be pertinent and identifiable by the recipient and should not be overlooked as this proves to us that the human soul lives on after death.

Through this evidence, accompaniedwith a relevant message, proof of ongoing existence and intelligence is provided. This supports our fourth principal --Continuous Existence of the Soul and its Personality. 

If we were only to receive evidence of events that happened prior to the death of the communicator, it may not substantiate continued life after death. The sharing of recent events demonstrates that new memories have been gained by the spirit communicator.

Through proper training and practice, the medium will be able to build a picture of the spirit communicator in the recipient’s mind by providing very specific traits and pertinent facts, leaving the recipient knowing without a doubt,who you are communicating with. This is the evidence and proof of survival that so many are searching for. Mediumship comes with practice. The most evidential mediums have studied for years through many classes, workshops and development circles to elevate their mediumship. If you can provide this evidence, you will have achieved your mission as a medium.

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