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Mission Statement

The guiding tenets of the Spiritualist Church of Canada is to: 

  • Assist in, promote, and teach the Religion of Spiritualism, Spiritualistic philosophy, and phenomena particularly across Canada and throughout the world.

  • Organize and conduct courses and classes for Spiritualistic instruction.

  • Provide education and certification of qualified lecturers, evidential demonstrators, and spiritual healers.

  • Educate, ordain, and licence Ministers within the rites and usages of the Religion of Spiritualism.  

  • Educate and inform our member Churches, Missions and Societies of governmental obligations and responsibilities 

  • Assist in promoting and uniting Spiritualist Churches, Missions, Societies, and persons across Canada into one general Spiritualist Church. 

  • Assist in the organization of new Churches, Societies, Missions, and branches thereof and affiliate with other similar organizations worldwide


The Spiritualist Church of Canada recognizes and agrees to operate under the following seven principles.

 1. The Fatherhood of God
 2. The Brotherhood of Man
 3. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels
 4. The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul
 5. Personal Responsibility
 6. Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all the Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth
 7. Eternal Progress Open to Every Human Soul

(Original principles updated and adopted in 2010 by Membership)

 1. Infinite Spirit, Divine Creator of All That Is

 2. Unity and Equality of All

 3. Communication, Guidance and

 4. Continuous Existence of the Soul and its Personality

 5. Personal Responsibility for the Creation of our Reality through Thought, Word and Deed

 6. Actions create results according to Natural Law

 7. Eternal Progress open to Every Soul

Undated November 2020

 “The Spiritualist Church of Canada is a diverse, inclusive, and equitable foundation for education, Churches and volunteers, no matter their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education or disability. 


We are committed to a non-discriminatory approach and provide equal opportunity for advancement in all aspects of our education, workshops, ministerial and volunteer positions. 


We respect and value the diversity of all life experiences and ancestral heritages.  The Spiritual Church of Canada is committed to ensuring that all voices are respected, valued and heard”.

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