Mission Statement


To assist in the advancement and diffusion and to promote and teach throughout the world, and more particularly across  Canada, the Religion of Spiritualism and Spiritualistic philosophy and phenomena.  The Spiritualist Church of Canada recognizes and agrees to operate under the following principles. (Adopted in 2010 by Membership)


1.      Infinite Spirit, Divine Creator of All That Is
2.      Unity and Equality of All
3.      Communication, Guidance, and Healing from Spirit and Angels
4.      Continuous Existence of the Soul and its Personality
5.      Personal Responsibility for the Creation of our Reality through Thought, Word and Deed
6.      Actions create results according to Natural Law
7.      Eternal Progress open to Every Soul


Further to organize and conduct courses and classes for Spiritualistic instruction. To provide for the education and license of fit and proper persons as authorized preachers, lecturers and demonstrators of the Religion of Spiritualism and for the ordination of pastors.

To assist in, promote and unite Spiritualist Churches, societies, organizations and persons across Canada into one general Spiritualist Church.  To organize new churches, societies, missions and branches thereof, and to affiliate other similar organizations in the world.