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Mission Statement for Youth Group

The guiding principles of the Spiritualist Church of Canada are to:


  • Assist in, promote, and teach the Religion, Philosophy and Phenomena of Spiritualism, particularly for youth, in an easy-to-understand manner, suitable for use by the child/ adolescent and their guardian.

  • Organize and conduct courses and classes for Spiritualist instruction as required for youth.

  • Educate and inform our member Churches, Missions and Societies of governmental obligations and responsibilities regarding youth.

  • Assist in the organization of youth programs within Churches, Missions, Societies and branches of the Spiritualist Church of Canada and provide help and support to other similar organizations worldwide.

  • To encourage and promote spiritual development within Spiritualism for youth.


Spiritualism aims to help the younger generation discover and comprehend what Spiritualists believe is the truth about life and death. The youth shall be encouraged on an intellectual and individual basis to uncover the hidden treasures within their mind and soul as they develop and build their relationship with the God of their understanding, striving toward love, truth and harmony in the fulfillment of their true spiritual potential. While on this individualized search, they are rewarded with the companionship of spirits in this world and the next. It is an exciting journey of self-discovery, self-mastery, service and fulfillment. As Spiritualists, we believe that life continues after physical death in a higher dimension known as the Spirit World. As spiritual beings, we can communicate and commune with one another as well as those in the Spirit World through the link of love.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Spiritualist Church of Canada and are 18 years of age and older, please complete the form, which can be found under “Membership” on our website.

NOTE: If you are under the age of 18 and are seeking further information from our organization, the SCC, we will require written permission and consent from a parent or legal guardian for us to contact you.

Have you been searching for answers to your spiritual experiences? If so, Spiritualism can provide you with information and direction as you seek what resonates with you. It is our hope that Spiritualism will help you uncover ways in which you can attain your true spiritual nature, leaving you feeling uplifted, welcomed, loved and understood.


As you embark upon this journey, some commonly asked questions relating to Spiritualism may arise. We have included commonly asked questions and answers below. If you do not find an

answer to your particular question, please reach out to us at:

Questions and Answers

When someone transitions to the Spirit World, are they different than when they were alive?

When people transition, they take into the Spirit World the same attitudes, characters, feelings and way of life that they practiced while they were alive. We do not automatically change or renew once we transition to the Spirit World. At the time of death, we discard the physical body from the spiritual body. As Spiritualists, we do not see death as an ending but rather as a continuation of life in a place we call the Spirit World. As spiritual beings, we constantly search for ways to enrich our eternal souls in this life, and this search continues beyond death.

Why can’t we see spirit?

In normal circumstances, we cannot see spirit as we are in a physical state of being (incarnate), whereas those that have transitioned are in the spirit state (discarnate). Although we are unable to see the air around us, we know that it exists; just as we know, that spirit exists. We all have the ability to connect to those in the Spirit World, and it is recommended that further training be undertaken should anyone wish to advance that ability. There are two ways to see spirit — subjectively and objectively. Subjectively is when you see spirit while you are dreaming, or you see them inside your mind using your third eye. Objectively is to see spirit while your eyes are open. Although it is rare to see spirits with your eyes open, it can happen.

What am I?

You are a spiritual being living in a physical state.


Why am I having a spiritual experience?

Spiritual experiences result from your soul awakening, which can lead to questioning and discovery of your answers. Your sensitivity can be a doorway to understanding what and who you are. It is a journey of self-development individualized as we search for our truth in life.

Why am I able to feel and see things?

The ability to recognize the difference between self-thoughts and thoughts that come from spirit is the beginning of your heightened awareness of the world of spirit. Using your senses increases your sensitivity and allows the Spirit World to make a strong impression upon your consciousness.

Do mediums read minds?

The short answer is no.


Those referred to as mind readers connect by mentally reading cues from a person’s body language, reactions and emotions; this is quite different than how mediums receive information.


The sole objective of a spiritualist medium is to provide evidence that life continues after physical death. The medium does this by connecting with a loved one in the Spirit World, receiving and delivering evidential information to the recipient that identifies and proves that life continues after physical death. Doing so can bring comfort and healing to those grieving the loss of a loved one while also helping alleviate one’s fear of death.

What is a guardian angel?

When we are born, divine spirits, known as guardian angels, accompany us and remain with us throughout our lifetime, guiding and protecting us while respecting our individual choice, known as free will.


If you have felt you were “lucky” to have avoided a particular situation, it may be your guardian angel was working on your behalf. In the same way, if you experience an upset, it does not mean your angels were absent; there may be a life lesson for one or all involved.

Do I have a spirit guide?

Spirit guides are helpers, friends, and mentors who accompany us on our life’s journey.


These wonderful beings of light find compatibility and kinship with our qualities, abilities, vibrations, and personality. They choose to be our companions and link to our lives and spiritual purpose through this affinity.


Even when we are unaware of them, spirit guides help and guide us in subtle ways, often by opening new doors of opportunity or perhaps by offering gentle messages in our dreams.


Sometimes in life, additional guides draw near with a specific purpose. This may be when you embark on a new venture or perhaps when you find yourself in situations where you are struggling for direction.


Why am I different? How come my family and friends don’t see and sense what I do? I feel like there is something wrong with me.

There is nothing wrong with you. These innate abilities of sense, knowing, seeing and feeling are given directly from the Source/God to every human when born. Some people embrace it, while others dismiss it or accept it as a daily occurrence and call it a sixth sense or gut feeling.


We all come to this earth with these abilities. As we evolve, some choose to continue to use these abilities while others may forget, not know how to use or choose to ignore them. When your ability to sense is heightened, it indicates that your soul is ready to progress further. Many tutors are available to help you understand and learn how to develop and use your abilities for the betterment of yourself and humanity. As Silver Birch, a spiritual messenger from the other side said:


“Always there will be offered, as you are ready, a vast richness of the spirit which cannot tarnish, fade or ever be lost once acquired. These are the prizes for you to earn, the development of your own soul, the strengthening of your own character so that you are worthy of the light which you dwell”. Philosophy of Silver Birch


I feel the energy around me; what is this?

The energy you speak of could be many things. Everything has a vibration or energy, including spirit. The Spirit World’s vibration is at a much higher frequency than ours. To communicate with us, the Spirit World works on lowering their energetic vibration, while mediums raise their energy vibration in order to blend. When both energies blend, information is passed from the spirit to the medium. This blending with spirit is sacred as the medium heals, inspires and becomes the voice of those in the Spirit World.


As Spiritualists, we offer spiritual healing. The healing medium allows the healing to come from spirit, through them to the recipient. God is the source of all healing, not the facilitating healer. You can learn to expand your energy for a higher level of healing and connecting to spirit through proper training.


What do spirits look or feel like?

We all see, feel or hear spirits differently. Sometimes you see them as clearly as a picture in your mind or perhaps in your peripheral vision. The same applies to hearing spirits. Sometimes it may sound soft and far away, or the voice could be very clear. The same applies to your sense of feeling. Your connection with spirit will vary depending upon your development and abilities.


If a youth has this experience, we recommend they sit quietly with adult supervision and ask the spirit to come closer. We encourage that any observations be shared and discussed. Always remember we are in control when dealing with spirit. If you are uncomfortable with the spirit or you feel you are not yet ready to have the spirit come close to you, ask them to step back until you are prepared to invite them closer. Please also see the answer to the question below: “Whom should I tell when I see, hear and feel things?”


How do we know when we see spirits or spirit animals? Is it real, or are we making them up?

Depending on the inquirer’s age and level of understanding, the answer will need to be age-appropriate. When one sees spirit or spirit animals, you will know the difference between

that and your imagination as the energy would be different. When starting a spiritual journey, people often question themselves by asking this very question. If a youth has this

experience, it is suggested that the parent or guardian also ask them to explain what they see, hear or feel.

Whom should I tell when I see, hear and feel things?

We recommend you talk to the person you trust and feel most safe with. Tell them how you feel when you talk to them about your experiences with spirit. Tell them what makes you feel better and what comforts you in relation to your interaction with spirit.

NOTE: Should a youth have trouble explaining what they see using their words, perhaps they could draw a picture.


What can I do when I am scared to sleep at night? I always feel afraid in the dark.

Guardian angels are with you always, whether you are awake or asleep. Sometimes, putting a picture or a poster of an angel near you can give one strength and comfort to understand and know that angels are always with you.


Meditation/mindfulness is an excellent practice to do before going to bed, as it calms you and puts your mind in a positive place. Prayer can also be beneficial. When we think good thoughts, our vibrational energy rises, attracting positive energy to be around us.


NOTE: Videos and other information are available online


How old do you have to be to grieve the loss of someone?

If you are old enough to love, you are old enough to grieve.


My child is suffering from the loss of a parent/relative/friend. How can I help?

Although this can be difficult to do, it is recommended by professionals that you do not protect your children from pain. We don’t like to see children in pain, so we tend to hide our emotional pain from our children. Parents often unconsciously model unhealthy strategies that teach children to deny their painful feelings.


Children are encouraged to talk through their emotions and any uncomfortable feelings they may have. Studies have shown that parents who encourage children to face their pain, not hide from it, have better results.


Give your children permission they need to mourn and invite them to talk about how they feel so they can process their grief. Always accept their feelings and never try to correct them or tell them how they “should” feel.


Each child will react differently, and their developmental level will also affect their understanding of loss.


If you continue to be concerned, it is recommended that a professional be contacted.


Is it normal for a grieving child to struggle with anger, doubt, regret, fear, guilt, and confusion?

We have included some possible statements you may hear while your child is going through the grieving process:

Anger – “I’m so angry that God let daddy die.”

Doubt – “I don’t know what to believe in anymore.”

Regret – “I should have visited grandma in the hospital instead of going to my friend’s house.”

Fear – “What if I die too? Or you die.”

Guilt – “I was mad at daddy, and I wished that he go away, and now he is gone, and it’s all my fault.”

Confusion – “Why can’t my friend visit me from heaven?”


As you affirm your child’s feelings, keep the conversation hope-filled. You can say such things as: “I can understand why you feel that way. At times, I feel that way too. We won’t always feel that bad, but right now, it’s okay for us to feel so upset.”


We ask you to consider that what you model for the child as a parent can become the blueprint for dealing with painful losses that they will face in their life.

Suggested Reading

General Suggested Reading

Becoming a Spiritualist by H. Gordon Burroughs

A Guide for the Development of Mediumship – Harry Edwards

Questions and Answers (ALL SILVER BIRCH) by Silver Birch 

The Sixth Sense of Children – Litany Burns

The Clairvoyant’s Handbook, A Practical Guide to Mediumship – A.L. Hale


Teaching meditation to children By David Fontana & Ingrid Slack

Is Your Child Psychic? Dr. Alex Tanous and Katherine Fair Donnelly

Spirit Guides: Unlock the Secrets to Connecting with Your Guardian Angels, Archangels, Spirit Animals, Departed Loved Ones

Further reading list, click on this link: Suggested Reading | Mysite (

Youth ages 12 to 16 yrs

The Best of White Eagle, The Essential Spiritual Teacher

The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom


The Secret to Teen Power by Paul Harrington


“Conversations With God” Neale Donald Walsh


Jane Roberts Seth books

“The Power of Now” Echart Tolle


“The Impersonal Life” by Anonymous” 

Joseph Benne

Youth Ages 4 to 7 yrs

The Spiritual Child: The New Science on Parenting for Health and Lifelong Thriving by Dr. Lisa Miller


Mai and the Meditation by Greg Wachs


I am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness by Susan Verde

The Little White Light by Judy Ann Lowe

Peaceful Dinosaur: A Story about Peace and Mindfulness by Steve Herman

Youth ages 8 to 11 yrs

Being an Empath by Christie Lyons


Mindfulness Workbook for Kids by Hannah Sherman

Breathing is my Super Power by Alicia Ortego

Disclaimer: The material on this Site is provided for Education Purposes only, and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Use of this Site is subject to our Terms.

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