Accreditation Applications

Any person in good standing who is a current subscribing member of the Spiritualist Church of Canada (SCC), may, upon satisfying the conditions imposed by the SCC, be granted a certificate accrediting the particular work for which the recipient is qualified.  For this purpose, the Board of Governors will assess the personal, educational and training qualifications as well as the experience of each applicant.

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Accreditation Requirements

Applications for a certificate must include payment of the established fee, which shall be refunded in the event of the application is not accepted. 

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Accreditation Application

Applications must be accompanied by a letter signed by two (2) officers of the Church of which the applicant is a member, verifying the applicant’s statements and attesting to his/her ability to demonstrate the work for which the certification has been requested. Should the applicant not be able to provide a letter signed by two (2) officers of which the applicant is a member, then two (2) letters from any Governor and or Minister of the Spiritualist Church of Canada can be submitted

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Renewing Your Accreditation Certificate(s)

A membership in the Corporation is not transferable and automatically terminates if the Member resigns or such membership is otherwise terminated in accordance with the Act. Regardless of the initial date of acceptance of a membership, annual fees as established by the Board are payable by January 1st. Members who have not paid their annual fees by March 1st of said year will be deemed to have resigned their membership. Pursuant to s. 197 (1) of the Act, a special resolution of the members is required to make any amendment to this section of the By-laws.